Application Terms

Campaign Application

  1. Posters of any age and nationality may apply. If posting under the age of 18 years old, please apply with parental consent.
  2. The applying post may be published to various media platforms, including the Iwate prefectural website (, Iwate Public Relations Section accounts (Facebook, Twitter), this campaign website (, etc. In such case, the contents of the post may be processed at the discretion of the prefecture of Iwate and its managing office (hereafter referred to as "Iwate, etc."), which are considered to be the organizers.
  3. Iwate, etc. will not be held responsible in any way in cases in which the post infringes on the rights of a third party, incurs complaints such as damages, or has an objection filed against it, and the poster will be held responsible for all repercussions including expenses incurred.
  4. If the post includes a photograph, permission must have been obtained from the subject of the photograph and photographer who took the photograph. In the case of infringement upon a third party regarding rights to the use of one's likeness in the photograph, Iwate, etc., will not be held responsible.
  5. Please do not submit any posts that apply to the following. Posts applying to the following will be considered disqualified.
    • Posts that obtain profit through the use of this campaign
    • Posts judged inappropriate for this campaign
    • Posts at risk of or in violation of law
    • Posts that violate public order and morality
    • Posts that contain violence, obscenities, defamation, and/or personal information
    • Posts that violate privacy
    • Posts that contain a computer virus, and/or malicious software
    • Posts that infringe on the rights of a third party, such as copyright, etc.
    • Posts that otherwise are judged by Iwate, etc., to be inappropriate
  6. The applicant agrees to these terms at the time of application. Additionally, if Iwate, etc., determine that any violation of these terms has been committed, the application and/or prize may be cancelled, and the return of any awarded prize, etc., may be requested.

Important Notes Regarding Application

  1. A Facebook/Instagram/Twitter account is needed to participate in the campaign.
  2. All users must comply with Facebook/Instagram/Twitter terms of use. Iwate, etc., will not take any responsibility for problems related to the content of posts.
  3. Please follow the official account before participating in the campaign.
  4. When posting, the hashtag #iiiwate must be added to the post. Please note that if there is no description, the post will not be eligible for the drawing.
  5. Winning posts will be disqualified in the following cases.
    • If contact is not made to the managing office between the day of notification of winning and the specified deadline
    • If the "like" on the Facebook page #iiiwate Great Iwate Tell and Spread Campaign is canceled during the campaign period and before the arrival of the prize
    • If a prize cannot be delivered to the winner due to unknown address, etc.
    • If it is discovered that the same person has opened and applied with multiple accounts
  6. Please note that postings outside of the campaign application period are not eligible.
  7. Posts may be published by the Iwate Public Relations Section and/or #iiiwate Great Iwate Tell and Spread Campaign
  8. Accounts set to private will not be eligible for the campaign drawing.
  9. Posts posted via share function/retweet/reblog will, in principle, not be eligible for the drawing.
  10. This campaign is not provided by or sponsored by Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.
  11. Iwate, etc., will take no responsibility for any inability to apply for this campaign due to situations such as Facebook/Instagram/Twitter maintenance or failure of service, inability to login or post, etc.
  12. Campaign application may end due to unavoidable circumstances.

Drawing Prizes

  1. Upon campaign completion, a prize drawing will be held at the managing office.
  2. No inquiries or complaints regarding the drawing will be accepted.
  3. The number of winners drawn may change depending on application circumstances.

Prize Delivery

  1. Winners selected on the Facebook platform will be contacted via messenger, and winners selected on Twitter and Instagram will be contacted via direct message. For the prize shipment, please reply with the required information such as name, address, phone number, etc., by the specified deadline.
  2. In the event that a prize cannot be delivered due to error or omission in the content provided for number 1, if the managing office is not contacted by the specified deadline, prize winnings may be void. Additionally, no responsibility will be taken for damages such as not receiving a prize, etc., in such case.
  3. Iwate, etc., will not take any responsibility for any accident or negligence occurred during delivery.

Handling of Personal Information

Personal information provided is used only for the shipment of prizes from this campaign.


  1. Expenses incurred from applying via internet connection, packet communication, etc., are the burden of the applicant.
  2. Iwate, etc., in principle, will not respond to inquiries regarding the registration and use of social media platforms, smartphone settings, etc.
  3. Please note that these terms are subject to change without notice. If these terms are changed, the changed content is applied immediately.
  4. For matters not specifically stated, the discretion of Iwate, etc. will be applied.


○Regarding the organizer / campaign
Public Relations Section, Office of Public Relations, Iwate Prefecture E-mail
○Regarding Application, etc.
Managing Office (Tokosha Co., Ltd.) E-mail