Welcome to Iwate!

Here in the vast "Great Iwate," many hidden treasures await!

If you've found something you consider part of "Great Iwate,"
post it to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook with the hashtag #iiiwate !

During the campaign period, a drawing will be held
from among those who have posted with the #iiiwate hashtag to win prizes!

Noodle post card set

These are the prizes!

Noodle post card set

(Morioka Reimen,Jajamen,Ramen)

How to Apply

1. Follow the official campaign account @iiiwate_official

Apply automatically by simply posting with the hashtag #iiiwate

※ Limited to those with public accounts

Campaign Period

Until November 10 (sun), 2019

Application Conditions

1. Must be following the official campaign account on the social media platform that is being posted to

2. Account must be set to public

  • Winners will be contacted via DM
  • If the account is made private and/or following of the official campaign account, etc., is canceled after posting, it will be disqualified from the drawing

Campaign Application Period (Japan time)

Until 11:59pm on November 10 (sun), 2019

Results Announcement

Those selected as winners will be contacted via DM on the social media platform used to apply.
For prize shipment, please reply with the required information such as name,
address, phone number, etc., by the deadline specified.
If a reply is not received by the specified deadline, the winning will be disqualified.
Note that shipping of prizes will be substituted for the announcement of winners.